Friday, October 31, 2008

boys and ghouls of every age...

you know, i don't feel like writing this post.
the events that happened in it were truly awesome, to be sure, but i don't feel like writing another play-by-play account of my hallow's eve.  (and there's most likely a large part of the readership who won't miss it, anyway)

so, here are the highlights, snippets, and nuggets:
  • for three years in a row now, i have seen the nightmare before Christmas in 3-D and i intend to keep up this tradition every year that i can.  two years ago i managed to organize a ward-wide post-fhe activity wherein half the ticket was subsidized and our old farmer bishop and his wife sat with us in their 3-D glasses and thought it was "pretty neat."  last year we went with the peterson sisters and had a great time (and good costumes!). 
  • this year included jack and natalie and their boy jackson, who had the honor of this being "baby's first movie."  his mom was good about covering his eyes for the frightening moments.
  • nightmare is pretty much the most perfect movie to see in 3-D (though, if i can, i want to see bolt in 3-D.  just for the hamster).  it works so well, and with being completely immersed in the movie, opens up the world for inspection of all the small details in the background.  i could wander through it again and again, soaking up the imagination of it all.
  • kristin and i made muppet faces.  like always.  in a seriously awesome orange coat.  that's new.
  • aaron and his wife also came.  i miss hanging out with aaron, so i'm glad we did.
  • singing "dead man's party" in a car on halloween night is dang.
  • becky and brady and caleb joined us at my place, where i again understood how "babies" can be a form of entertainment.
  • we drank a lot of pumpkin nog and apple beer, ate a lot of chips and mango salsa, and natalie provided some kicking chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.
  • after everyone left, i did what any single guy would do on halloween: turned off the lights and watched carl theodor dreyer's 1932 classic vampyr.
  • the next morning i watched it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown.  while it's not the calibre of merry Christmas, charlie brown (and nothing is), my understanding of calvin and hobbes has helped me appreciate charlie brown's halloween special more.
  • i think it is solely dean duncan's fault that i analyze charlie brown holiday specials like that.  still, any cartoon that is being replayed 50 years after its premiere must have something more to it, right?
  • i do wish garfield's halloween special would air again.
  • someday, i hope that someone gives me a butterfly in a bottle.  ; )


Jaime said...

yea for halloween! remember when i dressed up as a black girl and then we watched nightmare? ha. yeah. me too. good times.

~Bekahjo said...

I TOTALLY have Garfield's Halloween Special, AND the Thanksgiving and Christmas ones too. On DVD!!