Sunday, October 05, 2008

preachin' in the rain

i love conference weekend.  and i love rain.  needless to say, this weekend has been pretty much great.  (i'm also loving this cool weather, while we're at it.)  10 hours of "near-perfect mormon cinema", as dean duncan used to call it.  (thinking about it: moderate production design, basic lighting, camera work as static as wes anderson or yasujiro ozu, use of "non-actors", diegetic music, and the best writing you'll hear in six months).
i liked elder perry's talk on thoreau and the essentials of food, clothing, shelter, and (spiritual) fuel; i liked elder anderson's talk, that we "don't know everything, but [we] know enough", and that faith is not only a feeling, but a decision; elder aidukaitis's note that to pray with "real intent" includes acting on the answers received from God; elder oaks gave a wonderful talk on the importance and sacred nature of the sacrament; i loved president uchtdorf's tak on the infinite power of hope, manifest in optimism, determinism, and patient perseverance.  against hope, we believe in hope.
elder wirthlin's advice to learn to laugh, and that everyone must experience sorrow; elder holland reminded us that angels, seen and unseen, heavenly and worldly, are all around us, to bear us up. 
elder scott reminded us of the holy honor of holding the priesthood, and the importance of remembering that at all times; elder hamula taught that the more earnest the prayer, the more frequent the revelation; president uchtdorf told us to "stand close together and lift where you are", reminding that, in the end, titles other than "husband", "father", and "hometeacher" mean nothing to the Savior; president eyring talked on service, knowing that assignments can leave us unsure if we can do it.  we can't do it alone, but we can with the help of the Lord, and knowing that is the start of meaningful service; president monson told us to be prudent in our planning and conservative in our needs. 
elder hales spoke of peace and kindness, noting that Christian courage is not retaliative, but continually forgiving, that meekness is not weakness; elaine s. dalton reminded that virtuous men and women possess a quiet dignity and an inner strength; elder ballard counseled us that that Lord isn't asking us to die a martyr's death, but to live a disciple's life; president monson echoed a principle that president hinckley lived,  saying this is our one and only chance at mortal life: find joy in the journey now!  don't let stresses get in the way of what is most important--the people around us. 
like elder hales, president packer told us to not be consumed with revenge, but to celebrate all that we have; elder nelson taught that celestial marriage brings greater possibility for happiness than any other relationship in this life; elder cook reminded us that unexpected challenges often come; and, at the close of it all, president monson counseled us to study the talks that we heard, to be good citizens and good neighbors, to listen for His voice, and to live so that we can hear His knock.
and, afterward, em noted, "what good is perfect counsel if i don't do something about it?"

did you know that the rain clouds carved on the salt lake temple symbolize the need for continuing revelation?  pretty cool stuff.


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So...I really like this a lot. I love that you condensed all the goodness of conference into a single post...not so it would take the place of the words that were spoken that weekend, but as a great reminder of what we heard. More than that, when we remember what we heard, we can remember how we felt...and then we can remember why there is such a need for us to DO...not just hear and feel.

Props to you.

Hooray for continuing revelation!