Sunday, October 26, 2008

music for a sunday evening

at our teacher training meeting this evening, one of the instructors made an interesting point.  he noted that when we a taught something we already know, we know we know it and stop listening.  we also tend to stop doing what we know, because we already know it.  and so we stop going forward entirely, because we already know it.
if we let ourselves instead be inspired and do it, even though we already know it, we will continue to move forward.

i went to a musical fireside this evening.  coming from the above meeting, i arrived late and slipped in the back.  in a way, i felt like someone coming in from a cold december evening to listen to the choir of an old church.  anywhere i can hear "a poor wayfaring man of grief" on the violin is a good place to be.

(i desperately wanted a nice shot of the choir in the church where kevin talks to the old man in home alone, but my search to find one was to no avail...)

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Becky said...

That's funny, because before I read your last paragraph, your previous one had me thinking of the chapel in Home Alone as well. Not surprisingly, I guess we think alike