Monday, October 13, 2008

here's to a great week

i recently bought they might be giants's "here come to the 123's", their second cd for children.  and while i haven't played it for caleb yet, i thoroughly enjoy it myself.  the cd comes with a dvd of videos for each of the songs, some of which i find far more delightful than the songs themselves.
here's one that makes me feel warm and smiley.
maybe you'll feel it, too.


Becky said...

I like the numbers songs. I will let Caleb listen to them and watch them when his attention span is a little longer (or existant)

Jack said...

i love, love, love nonagons and this video. add one more dvd to my wishlist.

Allie said...

so are you one of those film guys that know a lot/little about video cameras and could burn something from a video camera to a computer/dvd????

ps:i love your blog