Friday, October 13, 2006


it occurred to me today that it was indeed friday the 13th, and in october, no less.
and yet i had nothing planned for this evening. and frankly, i was ok with that.
i've had so much to do for the past few weeks that a night off is a very welcome event. getting the five postings that i've had partially written for almost two weeks was at the top of the list.
i came home from the happy sumo [possibly my new favoritest restaurant in provo] and mark told me that some friends were meeting here to go watch a movie in a graveyard. [jill certainly has her style, that's for sure] it's good to be social, and i want to become more of a person who goes out with the group and does the fun things, but i really, really wanted a nice evening to get the inner zen of jeff alligned with my chi.

people showed up, old friends and new, and eventually the urgings of the group combined with my previously stated intentions of being a more active group member and i went. we grabbed mark's new laptop and 'wait until dark', the quintessential utah valley scary movie.
all the way down to spanish fork i was scanning the radio stations, deciding that if it's friday the 13th, someone ought to be playing oingo boingo. taking matters into my own hands, i made close to a dozen calls in an attempt to make a request; i've never had a station be so constantly busy...

the graveyard idea was fine; nine of us, huddled together around a tree, trying to stay warm under blankets and unzipped sleeping bags, with the subtitles turned on because the computer's speakers didn't carry very far.

i have a funny tendancy about watching movies; if it's a movie like.... um... 'bill and ted', i'm all for the talking and joking and the group movie mentality. but in movies that require any sort of careful attention to plot detail, i sometimes get inwardly frustrated when people talk, joke, or generally don't pay attention. i guess i want them to enjoy the movie instead of enjoying themselves. restated, i really enjoy seeing people really enjoy a good movie, and so when i see that chance lost, it bothers me.

when the computer's battery died, we packed up and went home. to be honest, i didn't think we'd get that far before getting booted out of the cemetary, but apart from a pickup that drove through the place and didn't care that we were there, we didn't see nobody.

on the way home, i continued to hope and pray for some boingo, but all i got were queen and david bowie and more busy signals. as we pulled in to the neighborhood 'dancing with myself' came on, which gets an honorable mention since it has dancing zombies in the video.

and now they're all downstairs, finishing the movie while i sit here and type, listening to oingo boingo's 'grey matter'.

i'll go down and join them.


Alyssa Rock said...

Jeff, are you losing steam for your blog? Or just busy? Or both?

-->jeff * said...

BUSY!!! and i decry it!! oh how i want to write!!! oh how i miss it.........

Anonymous said...

stop being busy! :)

Jekakah said...

Jeff, i miss your blogs.