Sunday, October 29, 2006

today is the day before tomorrow

'i predict homsar will be 'pedro', and strong sad will be that dude from the cure or boy george. the cheat...maybe an oompa loompa'. 'strong sad is always the emo rocker and homsar is usually the off-beat movie hero and we are running out of short icons for the cheat.

that's from my friend tyler in oregon, whom i met while working on 'the sasquatch dumpling gang' a few years ago. we bonded by mutual love for 'homestarrunner'. he once stated that his favorite day of the year is the day the homestar halloween cartoon comes out: the monday before all hallow's eve.
it is perhaps the biggest cartoon of the site, and seeing what everyone is wearing is probably the most fun of all; some costumes are immediately recognizable and induce instantaneous laughter, while others are so obscure that i'm grateful for things like the wikipedia and its off-shoots.

life is better when you have things to look forward to, be they big or small.

and i have to say, tyler's predictions are pretty good...

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