Friday, October 27, 2006

#150: do sheep go to heaven?

here i sit, listening to 'pet sounds' for the second time around [although that's not saying much; it's only about 36 minutes long], pushing myself to write.

i've like sariah for two and half years, and i've known that she hasn't 'liked' me for two and half years. and so i've 'broken up' with her several times, determining to leave her out of my life and move on. of course, that's kind of hard when she doesn't know that and so keeps calling one of her good friends to hang out.
and then the cycle repeats.
a while ago i decided that i really needed to just say 'goodbye' for good.

i walked her to her door tonight and gave her a birthday present [two days ago]. my feelings haven't changed, and neither have hers. so it's really not working out as friends.
and i said goodbye.
our last hug wasn't even anything special.
maybe that's a good thing.

so, thank you to all of you who have cheered me on over the years, telling me to never give up, and being a very encouraging group of cheerleaders. persistance has worked for jack. but not for me.

i've been planning this for a while, and even looking forward to it, to having a clean ending; but i didn't think it would hurt this much.

in closing, please enjoy this:

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