Monday, October 30, 2006

at the late night picture show

it's halloween, we've got a messy activity planned, and the clubhouse is booked. so what do you do? you push back your couches and lay down a tarp.

the activity was suggested by a good friend who is always putting a motor on something or blowing up something else. i let him handle the activity, and tonight was a success.
we made ice cream sundaes in others' mouths. from 2-3 feet up.
it was a sort of relay race, to see which team could get a scoop of ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream [the non-dairy aerosol kind], and sprinkles into the mouth of the person lying below in front of you. it was a mess.
and yet, these are the reasons why i love fhe.
i was surprised at how well the whole thing went in our nice little house, which was a tad too little for the activity:
1. with help, everything cleaned up with no residual messes. 2. chocolate syrup does not sting when it lands in your eye.

but because we are the cool fhe group, we did something extra for the holiday; we went to go see 'the nightmare before Christmas' in 3-D at the towne centre cinemark.
now, yes, coordinating money for 25 tickets with a bit of a headache, as the ward payed for half, i got the tickets and people payed me back--and it was a little stressful standing outside the theater with five tickets leftover. yet, in some miraculous fashion, when i counted the money i had, i had more than half, thereby covering the cost of the five tickets from those who didn't show up. that was really cool.

'nightmare' has one of my favorite movies since that night in high school when i came home from play practice absolutely exausted and threw in the soundtrack [which i had bought for some whatever reason]. i've seen it many times [and laugh at the 'bunny!' line everytime], but seeing it in the third dimension is really a new experience. because those barren trees and pumpkins are now sitting six inches in front of your face, it [naturally] pulls you into the world and helps you to look around more. i saw details and touches that i had never noticed before. seeing our jolly old bishop and his wife in those goofy 3-D glasses alone made it worthwhile.

later that evening i was bent over my desk, reading with my head propped against my hand. a sprinkle fell out.

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