Thursday, February 17, 2011

my dream house

"last night, i dreamt i went to manderley again."

there's house that keeps coming up in my dreams.  as best as i can tell, it's been in at least three different dreams i've had in the past couple of weeks (months?)  essentially, it's an amalgam of manderley, the house from hitchcock's film rebecca, one of my childhood friends' house, and the remaining memories i have of my grandma's farm house.  it's huge, it's very old, and it's completely rotten.  plaster seems to be flaking off of everything.

the house is vast.  narrow spiral staircases lead to vast ballrooms where extravagant parties must have been held a century ago and it seems it hasn't been touched since.  sometimes white sheets cover all of the chairs, tables, and bars.  there are other rooms that i don't know what they were for, but they're similar: large and grand and seemingly so old that they would fall apart if you touched anything.
it's very possible that this house is haunted.  i don't know, i've never seen a ghost there.  but that doesn't really scare me, either.  ghosts belong in a house like this.

whatever the case, it keeps appearing in my dreams and it's always a fascinating visit.


Laurie said...

I once dreamed the entire plot of a whodunit in a house just like this, and it was a great story. Murder, mayhem, maids in frilly aprons, the whole nine yards. When I woke up, all I could really remember was the title of the dream: Forty-Second Street. Which I'm pretty sure is an existing Broadway musical or something.

CK Rock said...

Old man Stauf built a house, and filled it with his toys. Six guests came one night. Their screams the only noise.

The Former 786 said...

I need to watch Rebecca, though I will admit that most of Hitchcock's other work doesn't compare to Psycho in my eyes.

Also, for a guy who doesn't like horror movies, that's a pretty creepy-looking house.