Wednesday, February 02, 2011


yesterday in swimming we practiced underwater swimming.

on my first go, when i just went for it, i got much further than i expected.  almost three quarters the length of the pool.  it was kind of exhilarating and i wanted to try it again, now that i knew what i could do.

once we had all done it once, our teacher then told us to try it again, but this time to take three deep breaths then go for it on the forth.  so i did.  and i was thinking more about my breathing and how much air i had that i barely made it halfway.

"it's all mental," said the marine cadet that i was sharing the lane with.

on my third time, i was determined to do it.  to go all the way.  to focus on looking ahead and just go.  i dove deep.  i thought about my breathing.  was it better to hold my air in my mouth or deeper?  did that make a difference?  what if i swallowed my air?  was that even possible?  i panicked, exhaled a massive amount of air and found myself barely halfway again.

i was quite disappointed with myself.

as i write this, i'm in the lab, drinking homemade hot chocolate and listening to "dog days are over."


Em said...

swimming was the class that ruined my mother's college gpa.
set little goals, and give yourself more than 1 attempt to reach them.
it's 5 degrees here. hot chocolate sounds perfect.

kwistin said...

i'm going to dig for everything that was unsaid in this post. i like it.

Mark A. said...

was it something like this?

The Former 786 said...

I find that whenever I start really concentrating on what I'm doing, that's when I mess up.

Imagine yourself as Aquaman and just do eet!