Sunday, January 04, 2009

a note from the editor

dear readers,

during the past few weeks, our senior reporter has been on location in northern minnesota.  while our policy here at sheep go to heaven is that the news does not stop, our correspondent seems to have thought otherwise.  jotted notes are all that we have to show in the place of missed deadlines.  that, and the (wholly un-consoling) knowledge that said unnamed reporter successfully helped guide his younger brother though several dungeons on the 8-bit nintendo classic, "dragon warrior 2".  indeed.
during the two weeks of the now-published "horrorshow diaries", we promised that such lag-posting would not again occur at a blog with such esteem as sheep go to heaven.  in light of such circumstances, i personally offer our official response:

dang it.

some readers may wonder how this sort of un-professional behavior can allow such a writer to continue working here.  i have to concede that he is, along with all other things said about him, the best darned writer we've ever had here, and we simply cannot afford to lose him.  such is the business.

now that he is back in the office, the notes of the past week will be developed into full posts appearing over the next few days.  such posts will be dated on those days, so that those following with rss feeds will not miss a posting notice due to its being listed as "5 days ago."  each post will begin with the date of its genesis, so that the immediate tone of the writing may be preserved.  it is our aim to have the first up later this evening.

if this happens again, he will be horse-whipped.

happy new year,

jeff gustafson
sheep go to heaven

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Natalie said...

Dear Editor:
While I cannot speak for your entire readership, I for one accept your apology. And I must agree---while he may take his responsibilities lightly, your writer has good material and presents it well. Tell him to keep it up. (and up to date).
A devoted reader