Saturday, January 10, 2009

take a sad song and make it better

on the first friday of every month, downtown provo's art scene comes alive- who knew?  i wandered through with cheryl and julie last night and we came to a gallery with several landscapes. at first glance, it was nothing that caught my eye.   so i decided to give it my attention, instead of demand from it.
have you ever stopped to just look at a mailbox, a tree, or your desk lamp? to watch all the different colors and light and shadows? subtle shades of dark and tones of color bounced from another object start to come out (i really dig the blue shadows of snow). i knew that's what this artist saw, and i looked at a few landscapes for a long time, following the variations in color in the different brush strokes, to see some of what he was seeing after sitting there for hours.

earlier that day, kristin and i were out roaming a few blocks west of there, photographing "found typography." or anything that looked interesting.  we did some more today, when we were waiting in line in the basement of ehT leonardo.  
again, looking at things i probably wouldn't have looked at


Jen said...

I LOVE the photos with their crisp colors.

kwistin said...

I'm a fan. Then again, I'm biased. :)

So, one of my favorite things is how you transitioned between the events of your night into events of the day.

You made everything relate, and I think that's awesome. You also hit on my favorite part about this assignment: seeing things you usually wouldn't see. Then again, that's part of what art is about: seeing something differently than you have before. Or seeing it the way another person sees it. Or just plain seeing it for the first time.

And when you have a camera to document and some good company, "seeing" can be pretty fun. :]

Leith said...

This is just great! capturing what may seem mundane in an creative way makes everything around you more interesting don't you think. It makes you stop to take in the details rather than just glib by. I love it Jefferson!