Thursday, January 29, 2009

the 8-year old and the newborn

i sit here, typing at "my computer," staring at it with budding frustration and the foreknowledge that we will have to learn to get along.

you know when you're housesitting for someone and their pet dies? and you can go to the pet store and buy a hamster that looks like the one they had, but it still isn't the same hamster? (and, if you're my sister, the family comes home only to say that they didn't like the pet and were waiting for it to die, anyway).
well, that's my computer. it still looks like a nice, mac from the outside; the same that i've loved for the past few years. but on the inside, it's as blank and devoid of personality as the rebuilt "wall.e" at the end of the movie. so if anyone has a sleek and cute imac or ipod that can come and kiss my computer back to the one i love, please notify me in the comments section.

so far, this text composition is the most success i've had. safari either froze or crashed six times in a row, and the rest of the landscape here is so barren i haven't had the heart to start work yet. but, like the early utah pioneers, with a lot of cultivation, i can make this desert a blossoming rose.

until then, i'm living off of my dell laptop. that's right, the pc that my dad bought for me when i got off my mission eight years ago.
now there's a commercial for microsoft....

i seached the internet over for the picture i wanted. i couldn't find it. i had it on my old drive.  dag.  ; )


Em said...

Sounds familiar.
Computers and I have a complicated relationship.

Alyssa said...

You should have my husband the computer whisperer come and touch your machine for you!

Joel said...

Mac vs. PC, eh Jeff?

It's an eternal struggle!