Wednesday, January 07, 2009

cold shower

date: jan. 1, 2009

the hot water was already partially gone when i got into one shower this morning and he got in the other.  he can shower much quicker than i can, and it was soon evident that there wasn't going to be enough to make it to the end.
and so i just huddled to the side of the tiled wall, and no matter how cold i felt, the water always seemed to get colder.  despite having twenty years' experience with this plumbing, i clung to a hope that i would find a secret reserve tank of hot (or even lukewarm) water.  there seemed no way out of this until i found myself under the water, rinsing off with no recollection of having given any sort of executive order.

i hope that's the coldest shower i have all year.

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Leith said...

Oh I feel your pain. I hate cold showers. Actually LOATHE would be a better word. I would have gotten out of the shower before rinsing off and just itched the whole day. So, kudos to you for actually taking that step.