Friday, September 19, 2008

you are lucky team

it was one year ago today that i wandered into a concert for a band i didn't know and my life was changed forever.
kristin said it best earlier this year:
Ten reasons I like Tally Hall so much?
1-Clean, creative music: My mom even likes them!
2-Musicianship: they are incredibly musically talented--amazingly tight harmonies--which sounds silly considering they're a band, but it's shocking how many artists are out there these days with not a lick of real talent.
3-Variety: with some of their songs, if you were to randomly listen to two or three different parts of the song, chances are you might just think it's a couple different songs. Then they have totally crazy songs, then super chill songs.
4-Uniform: they don't need retro sequin jackets or skinny pants to be cool. They have their own style, and it has become their trademark.
5-They share: Their shows aren't monopolized by just one band member. They all have little spotlights and recognize everyone as a part of the whole (or, the Hall).
6-The guys: SO personable. I love just talking to them--they are so chill, and don't stick themselves up on a pedestal. They are just normal guys who happen to travel everywhere and do what they love, and do it well.
7-Bongos, xylophones, and other various percussion instruments (the names of which still elude me)
8-Their frequent use of a megaphone.
9-Whiteboy rap? Heck yes. And whistling solos.
10-They like to kick it at the university, but all work and no play makes them crazy, so...they jump in the bumpin SUV.

Honestly, who could argue with that?
to the original tallyheads and those who've joined us along the way, i'm so glad you even really truly came.


Natalie said...

I stepped on gum! Ohh hoo hooo!

kwistin said...

Aw, you quoted me! I feel so special!

And I think they should make a national Tally Hall day. They're getting bigger...but we will forever be some of the firsts. :)

Besides, who else has ever owed Tally Hall $6?

That's right.