Saturday, September 27, 2008

sulfurous fall

i'm working on being more of an outdoors person.  with tim's help i bought a pair of hiking boots earlier this summer, and today took them on their inaugural journey, up spanish fork canyon.
the hike was planned by my hometeaching companion, an hour hike up the canyon to a group of natural springs and hot pots.  i thought those were only around yellowstone.
we couldn't have picked a better time to go; the trees and leaves all around were absolutely beautiful.  not since the mountains of kyoto japan (just around eight years ago) have i seen such vibrant and varied vegetation.  i didn't bring my camera because i was told to "plan to get wet", leaving me thinking we were hiking through waterfalls or fording rivers.  i regret not bringing it, because i could have easily taken a hundred pictures.  hooray for memories.
it is so choice.  if you have the means, i highly recommend it.


Jack said...

My scout troop went to the Hot Pots a few months ago for an overnighter, but I could not go. Maybe next time. Hurray for new boots.

~Bekahjo said...

My freshmen year, my roommates (who were all from Utah minus one and myself) and I attempted to hike that very same trail to the hot springs. When we got there, the trail was closed, stating that it wouldn't open again until 2006 or so. This was, of course, in 1999/2000 so we were appalled. "We won't BE here in 2006!!!" Oh, how foolish we were then... =]