Tuesday, September 02, 2008

lucky shirts

at both tally hall concerts in provo, i've had them sign my shirts.  despite the permanent power of sharpies, washing machines also have power, and i've been afraid to wash my shirts for fear of extra strength tide winning, or at least fading the beloved signatures.
but when one wears these shirts to concerts and expresses excitement as best as one can, well, one's shirts begin to become "less aromatic".  and so one is left with a dilemma.

at the risk of consigning my treasured shirts to moments when the smells would be difficult to trace (i.e. other concerts), i gambled on the "delicate setting."
in the end, everyone won.

in other t-shirt news, when cleaning out my closet and getting rid of those i didn't wear anymore, i made the following stats:
35 t-shirts in regular rotation
9 are hard rock cafe shirts
7 are music/band shirts (2 r.e.m., 2 tmbg, 2 tally hall, and a bnl)
8 i would consider 'in style' to one degree or another (usually from express)
the remaining 11 are shirts i just like (homsar, thailand, pink, bizarre chinese-english, etc.)


Alyssa said...

A friend of mine (a certain librarian friend, in fact) did an interesting sewing project where she took favorite t-shirts that had become too worn out and sewed them into a quilt. Seems like a cool idea. :)

Natalie said...

When I saw the title on Google Reader, I thought this was going to be a tribute to our awesomeness... but it isn't. t-shirts are cool too though.

--jeff * said...

yeah, it occurred to me that i may mislead certain people with the title. and, at the same time, the play on the phrase was why i liked it.
i hope we're still friends.

Jack said...

We're definitely still friends. After all, we were featured on your blog only two posts before this one.

Hooray for awesomeness. In tribute, I'm going to wear my Red Bull t-shirt you brought back from Thailand.

kwistin said...

I like this. I think that I should make stats like that more often. Good call, Jeff. Good call.

I'll also have you know that I was voted "Most Likely to Keep All of Her Spirit Shirts" in my senior poll of high school. True to my title, I have done so, and have been planning on making a t-shirt blanket of Awesomeness.

As far as fading signatures go, I have 3 words for you (don't let the hyphen trick you). Non-washable fabric marker.