Sunday, September 14, 2008

read directions carefully before operating

last week i was down in moab on a subaru commercial.  beautiful, beautiful place down there.  it was the first time i've ever felt a self-originated desire to go biking.

in navigating who was riding in what van, why the japanese guys got to ride in the motorhome, or what was the reasoning with some of us having to change motel rooms over the two nights we were there, we looked to john, our production manager.  and he did have all the answers for us.  at one point, he reprimanded us in desperation, reminding us that he had explained all of this in the e-mails he'd sent out--and why didn't we read them?!  well, we all got the e-mails and read them; i guess everyone kind of skimmed over them like i did (which is why i ended up at the "red rock inn," only to find that i was staying at the "red stone inn" and had to walk two miles down the road.)

i wonder if God feels the same way with us and the scriptures...

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