Monday, February 18, 2008

with my ipod selection and the ice's reflection i'll be running with myself

for Christmas i got a little nike ipod thinger.  one part i stick on my shoe and the other piece connects onto my ipod.  being that this was one of the first mornings without a snowfall, i ventured forth to give it a whirl (thus determining if i was wise to keep it instead of returning it for some underarmour).

this thing is really cool!  i can choose if i want to run for a certain distance, a set period of time, or if i want to burn a certain number of calories.  i typically like to run for distance, an imprint left from the traumatic years of the 'mile run' in grade school.  since it's been a while, i went with 3K.  i flipped through my 'nrg shuffle' playlist until i found my current favorite song ('shipping out to boston'; it used to be 'living on a prayer', but i'm a sucker for the irish accordion rock) and took off.  what makes this especially rad is that a nice lady notifies me of every .5K, which not just a helpful gauge of how to pace myself, but it's also a morale boost ('i've gone 1K already?')

the 'calorie-roasting' option is intriguing to me, due in part to my fascination with the mcdonald's nutrition facts.  i really can't think of a better scale.  for example, knowing that i burned 193 calories doesn't mean much; knowing that i burned over a third of a big mac, that's something i can understand.
my next goal is to burn a full cheeseburger.


Becky said...

I can't say that I've tried my running thinger yet, but it does seem cool. I just haven't felt up to running since Christmas...but I intend to use it eventually. Good luck with the cheeseburger.

Tim said...

I haven't used mine either, but mostly because it hasn't been warm enough to go running since Christmas up here.

It was -29F today when I went to work.

Em said...

I thought it had been a while since I heard from you.....
I just finished Fanny and Alexander and I'm eager to chew it over with someone. Especially since I wasn't able to give it my undivided attention for 3+ hours and so I'm certain I missed important bits.
Holler if you ever have a moment.