Friday, April 04, 2008

i'm back

i'm not dead.
i guess i'm back, although i'm not really sure where i'm back from.
perhaps i'm back from the fires of hades, the murky depths, and the sleep from which no traveler returns.

the difficulty in being 'back' (if that is indeed the case) is that there is then the need to have a triumphal return, be it a great post or, preferably, an arch.
lacking either time and/or masonry, i have postponed posting hoping to compose a grand return. those are all half-written while time continues to fly like an arrow, the wind causing the pages of posts to blow away.

so this is the grand return.

i'm back.

now that the fanfare has subsided, i can get back to writing posts like regular people do.

as a bonus, here are my top 25 most played songs, according to itunes this evening:

1. brian wilson by the barenaked ladies 82 times
2. tuesday morning by the pogues 70 times
3. last stop: this town by the eels 62 times
4. dragostea din tei by o-zone 57 times
5. ruler of everything by tally hall 51 times
6. good day by tally hall 48 times
7. spiralling shape by they might be giants 47 times
8. battle without honor or humanity by tomoyasu hotei 47 times
9. should i stay or should i go by the clash 44 times
10. spring and a storm by tally hall 44 times
11. the whole world and you by tally hall 44 times
12. white shadows by coldplay 43 times
13. losing streak by the eels 43 times
14. greener by tally hall 43 times
15. 3 speed by the eels 42 times
16. not my slave by oingo boingo 42 times
17. can't see (useless) by oingo boingo 42 times
18. welcome to tally hall by tally hall 42 times
19. two wuv by tally hall 41 times
20. 13 by tally hall 41 times
21. we close our eyes by oingo boingo 40 times
22. the universal by blur 39 times
23. read my mind by the killers 39 times
24. standing outside a broken phonebooth (with money in my hand) by primitive radio gods  39 times
25. just apathy by tally hall 39 times


Em said...

Ooh it IS nice to see/read you. Fanfare or no.

Emily Shirts said...

Yea! I'm SO glad you're back, I've missed your posts so much. I'm looking forward to more.

Marvia said...

So, I feel like a loser! I recognize a couple of the groups... but the song titles? nope, totally out of it? I think it would be wise the next time you come to visit (Christmas?)... to bring your laptop and educate me. I'm too young and cool to be an old lady already. :)

Jack said...

Hooray, Jeff's alive. I read with this Fanfare for the Common Man playing in the background to make it more dramatic.

Hooray for awesome manfriends and their blogs.