Sunday, April 13, 2008

pa rum pa pum pum

i really love hometeaching.  until there is a girl other than my sister in my life, hometeaching is my favorite way to spend a sunday.

couple that with a good day at church, and an afternoon with all the people who are either my sister, my brother, or brother-in-law, it's been a nice and dang sunday.

which is good.  sundays are that time when you get to recharge and prepare to go forth to wherever you go once again.

i miss blogging on sundays--it was such a great time to get caught up.  but not today.  and not for a few more days, either.  i spent this past week in san francisco (and fell in love with it), am going to vegas tomorrow for a few days, and my room looks like a teenager's (even though my room as a teenager was generally pretty clean).  i spent last night deep cleaning our kitchen--emptying out cupboards and drawers and discovering various items that i didn't even know i owned (and most of them i don't own anymore), and helping my brother get his robust supply of kitchen items assimilated in.  it doesn't look much different from the outside, but the inner makeup of the room has changed.  i also built some new dvd shelves, deciding to make the upgrade from wal-mart furniture to ikea furniture.  i like to think i'm support some distant relative that way.  
but in the midst of all of this, my beloved blog has been neglected; i have pages of notes written from working on 'hatching pete' (my most recent disney movie), other events that dim a little each day they aren't recorded (most notably, the tally hall concert), and half-composed posts that, when finished, may suffer from a sudden shift in mood and tone part-way through, as it can be difficult to resume the original flow at times (regarding our outing to see buster keaton's 'the general'), and even some posts that have lost any sort of relevancy (a brief idea for an april 1 post).
shoot, i even have a real letter--written on paper--that i haven't finished, and another that i really ought to start.

i do miss those times when i would write every day or so.

i did take time tonight to go through and get caught up on the 8 or 10 friends' blogs that i follow, silently thanking them for not writing much in the week and a half since i have surf the blog-o-tubes (allison, if you read this, you are still under condemnation), although i did not have the gusto to read laurie jayne's opus on her trip to japan, although i most assuredly will at a later date.

and so, like the little drummer boy, i have no cleverity, no w;t, no musings to offer at this time but a poor little post to prove i am not dead.


Natalie said...

I, for one, am glad you are not dead. And it was fun to get three comments on our blog all at once.

LJ said...

It is kind of an epic, I'll admit. You are now the second person who said they closed their browser window in despair with how long the dang thing was. Brevity, thy name is someone else's.

~Bekahjo said...

I would like to thank you for not being dead, and for proving it to be so. Life is much more fun when the Jeff's of the world are alive; particularly the Jeff's that I know and call friend. =]

Em said...

Thanks for posting anyway, even if you felt you had little to say. I'm still glad you're there.