Thursday, February 14, 2008

amative me

in first grade,i liked katie.
in second grade, i liked abby lein.
i didn't like anybody in third grade.
in fourth grade, i liked heidi hennegar.
in fifth grade, i liked erin swetland.
in sixth grade, i liked alisha johnson.
in seventh grade, i liked sarah brant.
in eighth grade, i liked tami niswander.
in ninth grade, i think i still liked tami.
in tenth grade i liked karen bresee.
in eleventh grade i liked marissa maritato.
in twelfth grade i liked brittany coverstone.
at byu, i liked renee elmer.
then i liked sariah devard.
after that, it gets kind of fuzzy.

and if we don't try too hard, we might start falling in love.


Becky said...

I was in about 8th grade, sitting at the HS waiting for mom to pick me up from gymnastics practice, and Heidi Henegar walked by me. She saw me in my letterman's coat that had '00 on the sleeve and said, "Why does your coat say that?" I told her because I would graduate in 2000.
"Well, I'd come to your graduation, but you guys are all just a bunch of zeroes," she said, and seemed to think she was funny. I wasn't amused and didn't think it was even a clever joke.
But Marissa was always nice to me.

-->jeff * said...

i was in fourth grade when i liked her.....
and i liked marissa a lot more, anyway. she played a good dwarf.

Em said...

Ah, Jeff. You're getting so swimmingly deep that it's hard to comment. But it's lovely to read.

~Bekahjo said...

I'll hopefully see her tomorrow. I'll tell her to call you. Are you not in town? We're going to pizza factory tomorrow night at 6 if you can come... =]

kwistin said...

i like this blog. i think i've always been fuzzy :) thanks for term-ifying it.

kwistin said...

*gasp* You totally jacked my quote!!! at least give me some credit, man! it took me a long time to come up with that.... ;)

Marvia said...

This is sooo funny to me. I think I had one crush from 1st grade until 7th grade. Gian Valinoti was his name. It was a very devoted crush. Then I just had little crushes on different guys in highschool.... and it was more because I thought they were cute. The boys with substance scared me.... because I didn't want to seriously care about a boy in "that" way. I think it still scares me. But I'm married and should probably get over that soon. :)

Tami said...
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-->jeff * said...

well i'll be darned.... on all of google, your name comes up twice, both on my site.

i hope i didn't make you lose some sort of bet.

Tami said...

no bet lost, luckily... although I was surprised to see my name in that sort of post. hmmmm.

-->jeff * said...

well, i suppose now is the time to tell you: after that temple trip to chicago in 1993, i had a crush on you.... ; )

Anonymous said...

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