Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the world wide web

i was browsing some stats about the wonderful world of 'sheep go to heaven' and the people who populate it.

here are some of the highlights:

the top six states who visit my blog:
1. utah
2. new jersey*
3. arizona
4. north dakota
5. louisiana
6. california

*i was intrigued by the prominence of new jersey, although further inspection seems to show it's a sort of glitch and that the readers are actually coming from salt lake.
i know of people who regularly read my blog, and the listed states represent them.  the additional hits coming from those states i attribute to friends of my friends, reading their blogs and following the links to here [see the following list].
except for louisiana.  i haven't a clue about louisiana being on that list.

the top referrers:
1. no referring link [the vast majority]
2. luckyshirts.blogspot.com
3. prettymuchgreat.blogspot.com
4. ramblingsandrandomness.blogspot.com
5. jamhall.blogspot.com
6. yousaidyoudbakeusacake.blogspot.com/2007/02/nothing-personal.html
7. thebillingsleys.blogspot.com
8. google searches for 'yousaidyoudbakeusacake.blogspot.com
9. idratherberidinganelephant.blogspot.com

interesting that my last year's valentine's day post somehow brought a notable number of people here.  how they found that page on its own, i know not.  to all my friends who have promoted me on your blogs/sites, my dearest thanks.  

70.5% of visitors stay for less than 5 secs
19.7% stay for more than an hour
the remaining 9.8% are somewhere in between that.

68.8% are first time visits
15.2% have come 1-5 times
4.3% have come 5-10 times
11.6% have come more than 10 times

google searches that have brought people to 'sheep go to heaven':
byu fotokem color char
waynes world under airplanes landing taking off
ocean pacific sandals
ocean pacific walmart
bbc planet earth - kauai
tally hall shirts
size 11s actor
sheep go to heaven essay
john and john puppets, they might be giants
sheep go to heaven liner notes
i do like the color of yellow
turkish juice
did joseph do to heaven
elanor rosevelt
sheep ba's video
movie dog eats everyt [sic]
ocean pacific rain hat
island is the clouds
they might be giants apollo 18 redone
dimes pommegranate juice
woman wants to strangle
fat boy tape measure
chronic town movie deal
where to buy little tiny boxes
fridge and freezer stink when opened

all of this information came from signing up at statcounter.com.  there's more information available there than i understand about my blog; i'm sure if were selling hamsters or whatchamacallits from here and wanted to track isolate the demographics, those numbers would be very helpful.
i'm content to ponder the 'recent visitor map', wondering what someone in helsinki, finland, or durgapur, india, was searching for that brought up my blog.


Natalie said...

That's really interesting info. We just added a stat counter thing last night, so we'll see what that brings. And I am proud that we are the top source of people finding your blog. A word on the Helsinki, Finland---One of my old roommates is from there, so it's quite possible that one of her friends found us through her blog, and then you through ours. No idea on India, sorry.

Jack said...

How funny that you report on stats today. Just yesterday I set up my Google Analytics account to track traffic on our family blog. Coincidence? Probably. But funny, nonetheless. Happy to represent the #2 top referring link!

Natalie said...

funny---we were at different places and both commented at the same time about the same things.

-->jeff * said...

you two are so cute....

the helsinki source looks to be simple a hit [not a visit], as the counter says they stayed for '0 seconds'. maybe she's a speed reader?
i'm still not quite sure what all these numbers fully mean.

CK Rock said...

Too bad Google doesn't have a way to track the feedreaders that visit your site. If that were the case, Alyssa and I would have racked up mega points for California, as we read your blog all the time.

Also, thanks for pointing me to Jack and Brian's respective blogs. Now I can keep up with them too!

-->jeff * said...

dear the chris:

that's good to hear; i knew you two used to be regulars around here, but i wondered if you packed up and moved on when the drought hit. it's good to know you're still here--it's a sort of honor to have you and alyssa as erudite readers.