Thursday, September 27, 2007

the hail mary pass

so i'm out driving around town, running some errands, when i get a call from my friend kirk down in l.a.

'do you know what a 'hail mary' pass is?'

'yeah, i think so; it's where you throw the ball and say a 'hail mary' because it's such a long shot, right?'

'that's the way i understand it. i'm about to throw you a hail mary.' [and, with kirk, this could mean anything is coming next] 'i have two tickets to see they might be giants here next week, and i want to give the other one to someone who would truly appreciate it. what do you say?'

i laughed. 'i just saw them here last week. and besides---'

that's about where i stopped. where do i start?
--l.a. is 800 miles away.
--two full days of driving for one concert?
--i don't have $X00 to spend.
--my mom is coming to visit next week.

but he saw my pause as an entry to plead his case, and soon i was realizing that i could fly, thereby saving time; i had just had an unexpected job come up that would pay for this unexpected pleasure trip; and that my mom was coming on wednesday; she can spend the day with becky and i'll be back on thursday.

and so i'm going to l.a. next week.

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Em said...

Well, I hope you made it because I'd love to read another WMBG concert post.
If I were them, I'd want a concert full of fans like you.