Monday, September 17, 2007

let me explain

i didn't mean to take a two and a half month haitus. as you may deduce from reading all of these new postings, a couple of things happened all at once. first, our modem burned out [turns out that keeping it in the un-air conditioned attic during the 100+ degree july heat will do that. go figure], and after several futile phone calls with comcast, i started work on two features, literally back to back. still, in this time, i tried to keep notes on my computer, so that when i was wired into the world again, i would have evidence of what i've been up to. hence the 17 [or however many] new posts all of the sudden.

my internet works again, i've got a few weeks off until my next movie, and it's good to be writing again.
thank you to all of you who expressed your sadness in missing 'sheep go to heaven'.

i hope you find some posts that you like.


Brian, Stephanie, Whitney, and Taylor said...

Glad to have you back, you've been missed!

Tim said...

So, I just randomly decided to stop by to see if you'd updated...

I didn't expect this.

I don't have time to read all these now, but I'm sure in time I will.

Alyssa said...

Phew... I read all them Monday night when Chris was at school. Very interesting. My favorite was the one where you go above and way beyond to be a good neighbor. That was cuh-razy!

Anyhow, here's another Radiohead thing for you to enjoy, if you like covers:

Dane said...

Calling all grips, grubs, and sub-grubs!

Natalie said...

Hey,'s now been over a month again. Time for some new material!