Tuesday, September 11, 2007


for me not watching the movie, it's been a good movie night, mark had retired to his room because he has to get up way too early for his job, and i was jotting down a few teapot notes on my computer when a shriek came from his room. he threw open the door and in desperation yelled for me to listen to the radio, which obviously couldn't hear from my room down the hall. by the time i'd walked in, the horrible announcement was over, but he was still shaken up. he said that the white stripes concert for september 29 had been canceled, due to meg having acute anxiety or something.
i'm really quite bummed about this. we bought our tickets so long ago that there's no financial scar of having paid for them, and we've been continually talking about how cool it will be to see them. plus, that was going to be a nice complement should i ever win they might be giants tickets and a nice consolation should i not win said precious tickets. [i still haven't decided if i'm going to see 'guster' or just give away the tickets] getting a refund isn't as fun as seeing the show.
now, my only choice is to win they might be giants tickets.

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