Monday, November 26, 2007

GAH!! it happened again...

i was happy to have a free day yesterday and looked forward to filling in of the notable moments that have been happening. but i sat down at my computer and found that i couldn't write for the life of me. nothing good was coming out. and so, rather than get behind even further still once again [notice how there are no posts for december last year?], i'm just going to jot down the most notable moments in a few lines and then be up to date.

elephants!--sept. 28 kristin and i went to see the ringling brothers circus. despite all the amazing acts and talents, i still get most excited about the elephants. afterward we went to a cool pizza place and had a whole lot of fun taking pictures. fun times, indeed.

chicken and waffles--oct. 2 l.a. was much nicer than i imagined. i spent the afternoon talking with kirk's wife, with whom i'm very good friends; we talked about life, work, marriage, and raising children. i felt like a girl. we went to 'rosco's chicken and waffles' for dinner; delicious.

they might be the hollywood horns--oct. 3 my full day in los angeles: people are friendly, smoothies are expensive but delicious, it's neither as glamorous nor as dirty as i expected. l.a. tmbg fans are much geekier and not nearly as fanatic as the utahns; we were at the very front of the show, i tossed a quarter on the stage at the admonition of a text message [to make my presence on the show], and they brought with them a horn section. truly madly deeply wonderful.
he called me--oct. 11 as we were prepping the camera equipment for 'dadnapped', i got a phone call from optimus prime himself. he warned me that my roommate mark may actually be working for the decepticons under the alias 'bonecrusher' and that i can help the autobot resistance by buying 'transformers' when it comes out on dvd next week.

the infatuation isn't going away--oct. 12 i still listen to my tally hall cd at least once a day and love it all the more.

thank you letter to the confused receptionist at ihc--oct. 31 i overslept on halloween morning and was awaken by a call from the hospital, confirming my appointment for a ct scan the next day. after a few moments of confusion, she found out i wasn't jeff hall and i realized that set call was salt lake forty minutes ago. i wore red contacts and vampire fangs and no one was upset that i was late.

the loader, the cork, and the hundredth roll--nov. 7 the production celebrates the 100th roll on the camera by having champagne and chocolate strawberries. since i'm friends with the food guys, they brought me two bottles of really good sparkling juice today. i popped my first cork and saved it.
day 25 of 25--nov. 15 in a fluke that neither i nor the producer saw coming, we shot through all but 200' feet of our film inventory on the last day of the show. that was 2000' more than we had even gone through. it was a crazy day, but like the loaves and the fishes, we somehow had just enough at the end of the day. i enjoyed the balancing act and the producer was very happy with me at the end.

dancing the night away--nov. 16 i like crew wrap parties and wish there were more of them. i spent the evening dancing with the producer's cute assistant and remembered what it was like to have a date show that she liked being with you. everyone said we were the best couple on the floor, and a lady who used to be on the byu dance team asked if she could 'borrow' me for a dance. my hands smelled like perfume on the way home. i really liked that.

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L'Afro said...

Best chicken n' waffles I ever had: Head Over Heels cafe in Brooklyn, NY. Mmm mmm good.