Wednesday, November 28, 2007

how did i get here?

today was day 1 of production on the island movie [despite seeing the slate all day, i still can't remember the name of the movie]. i like our camera, despite having several issues with it--it's about 25% as light sensitive as i thought it would be, and we got a bizarre reflection when we added in the soft fx filter; until i can figure out why it's not working, we won't be using it, which means that our lovely hd camera will be holding every little detail we record. checking the footage at the end of the day, the majority was darker than i expected, reaffirming the truth that video monitors cannot be trusted. but a little work in color correction and it was looking fine. i think it's cool that we shoot onto blue-ray discs, and video certainly has it's advantages, but there's also a LOT that i like about film and, in some ways, it's easier.

am i getting better? absolutely. do i still have a long way to go? all i'm learning is how little i really know. there are times when i look at the scene and know that there's more that can be done to it, but sometimes i can't even see where else to light when i do have time. but we did have some good shots, too.

by the end of the day, i couldn't even think as brian and i worked through tomorrow's shots; i mostly nodded my head.

sleep is really important. here's to another good day tomorrow.

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