Wednesday, October 24, 2012

jeff vs. the volcano

had i gotten around to finishing the wedding video i made for jack and natalie, the advice that jack's brothers would've given her would be that "you need to understand 'joe.'" they are, of course, referring to the eponymous anti-hero of joe versus the volcano.

like groundhog day, joe is one of those movies that initially seems like an innocuous mid-level hollywood star vehicle. yet the more you watch it, the movie reveals its deeper layers. it's the first of the meg ryan + tom hanks rom-com trilogy, albeit of the pre-nora ephron era. one of the movie's more daring and unique characteristics (for a hollywood film, especially) is that meg ryan plays three different  characters, all of varying romantic interest to tom hanks.

someone once noted to me that not only is it always the same actress, but each character is the kind of girl that joe needs in his life at that point.
that's interesting to think about....

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Natalie said...

It's not too late to finish that video, ya know. We'll accept it whenever you can get around to it :) It would make an awesome 10 year anniversary gift (Only 4.5 to go!)

p.s. We love you, Jeff!