Sunday, October 07, 2012


and sometimes life just
rushes the camera...
it's often said that the 1st assistant cameraman has the most difficult/important job on set, referring to their responsibility to correctly set and maintain the focus of the shot. because, if the focus ring on the lens is off, even by just a little, then all of the work that everyone else has done, no matter how well, is useless.

general conference helped me get things back in focus this weekend. there was nothing new, no new announcements or revelations (ok, there was the landmark announcement about changing the missionary ages, but that doesn't directly affect me in any way right now), but listening to the talks, the points that stood out to me answered the questions that i brought with me.

like a well-lit and dynamically composed shot, this weekend's general conference reminded me of what i already knew, but those little adjustments helped me to put my life and the things around me back into focus.

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