Monday, July 02, 2012

wake up

dear girl::

so, something's been bothering me lately and we need to talk about it.

it's this: life is pretty good right now.
not in the "i'm directing major car commercials in europe and just bought a second home in the bay area" way, but more of a "i love my job, am on track to have a better job than most of your ex-boyfriends (and, let's be honest; that one guy was going to be rich but he'd be gone 300+ days out of the year anyway), and have free time in the evenings that i should be spending with you" kind of way.

and i wish you were here.
heck, i'm not even wishing for us to be married so that we could say goodnight and stay together. but my roommates are more or less gone for a month; we'd have the whole house to ourselves to hang out and just do whatever we dang well feel like together. and with my class wrapping up on wednesday, there's plenty of time for a day trip to san antonio or to go through the whole lord of the rings trilogy (extended editions, naturally.)

so, what is it that you're doing that's better than being with me? are finishing up your graduate degree in boston? playing the wild lead guitarist for a band at a bar in indiana? (i'm less concerned about your past and more interested in our future...) maybe you're just down the road in some houston suburb, looking out your window at the same sky that i'm looking at.

until you get your act together, i'm doing what i can to make the best of my life on my own, but so far i haven't found anything that wouldn't be better with the two of us.

miss you,

-->jeff *

p.s. i'm going to see singin' in the rain in the theater next week. i wish you could come, because i know you love it, too (because, if you don't then i really can't see us working out. that's kind of a deal-breaker; sorry.)


Anonymous said...

Cosmo, call me a cab.

OK, you're a cab.

flutefairy said...

This is so cute :)

LJ said...

*This* is exactly the stage I was at when God tossed Adam into my life. Satisfied and starting to stretch out a little more.

Anonymous said...

The girl who gets you is the luckiest.

Wake up, indeed.


Anonymous said...

i love singing in the rain and i love your letters. ;) thank you! jess

Jaime said...

brilliant and clever.