Friday, July 20, 2012

explosion prevention

i was flipping through my senior year book a few days ago and saw this poem, written by one of my sister's friends. i think i appreciate it now more than i did in 1998. (i honestly don't know if the formatting was due to the eccentricity of the writer or the ineptitude of the yearbook staff. considering the parties involved, it could really be either option)

for those who express doubts about the ambiguity of the
i am filled with extreme apprehension
for i am
afraid of insincerity
and uneasy at the concept of a self-proclaimed artist
he sits on his bed and cries through his pen
he screams with furious flurries of notes
he does these things
not because he wants to
or because he needs points on an assignment,
he does them because he has to
or he will explode

by joshua clausen

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