Saturday, July 14, 2012

harry potter or a hobo

as i've been churning out feeble storyboards for a project i'm working on, i've been breaking the commandments and coveting the amazing drawing talents of one of my friends. i wish i could draw like her. and so i figure i may as well at least let you in on her work.

on the right side of my blog here is my collection of other peoples' blogs that i read. when i first added that, there were only a handful: my brother's, my sister's, jack and natalie's, em's, and some ramblings and randomness. now, the list is substantially longer, including that guy who's (very slowly) reviewing every movie in the criterion collection and that girl who's really into unicorns.

but, nestled between all of those nice blogs where young mothers talk about the ups and downs of parenthood is one that i realize most of you probably have never bothered to check out (although, judging by jaime's recent post, she's discovered it....) it's called "verbal vomit." appealing, i know. it's also extremely funny. and amusing. and really kind of twisted and disturbing. ...not in a late-night-show-on-adult-swim kind of way, just... well, twisted and disturbing (but she's still a byu student, so you don't need to worry. much)

the site is drawn by my friend hannah. i met her at some party of kristin's a while ago (she facebook friended me, thank you very much), although i'd been hearing stories of her for a while. and i've been following her blog about as long as the rest of the internet has.

see, hannah's blog is what i'd dreamed this little island would become: so brilliant and funny that LOTS of people read it. she kind of exploded into popularity when she wrote a post about "hipsters." it "went viral", the dream of any internet author, and kristin recounted the story of her and hannah refreshing the blog and watching the number of followers continue to go up. i couldn't find a current count on her site, but i believe they said it topped off somewhere around 700.

to further put things into perspective, the original "how to be a hipster" post has 35,000+ likes. not "views", "likes." my entire blog barely has 32,000 visits, and a good percentage of those are from me checking back to see if the "dang" count on my recent post has moved from 1 to 2.

what i wouldn't give for
my work to look like this
as i said at the beginning, it's hannah's drawings that really bring her stories to life. she's a talented and well-training figure drawer(?), which is the foundation for all drawing and translates into well-proportioned characters of any sort. plus, her sense of humor is warped just enough (probably too much, actually) to really get the details of harry potter, more hipsters, harry potter, making fun of twilight, cow videos (not what you think, trust me), or even harry potter.

so, if you do happen to have some free time or are looking for something a little different, check out

her wedding invitation also looked amazing. artists....


LJ said...

I was hit by a fit of giggles at the picture of her and Harry in a cardboard box pulled by a troop of cats.
"To the burrito bank!"

The Former 786 said...

Wow. She is seriously talented and that blog is absolutely entertaining!

Jaime said...

i laugh out loud EVERY time i read her "summer scrouge" post. i feel like you wont get it unless you've been to NYC, or another equally smelly city.

so... many funny parts!