Wednesday, May 09, 2012

the road at the end of the day

there's a lutheran church a few blocks down the street that i've started wandering down to when i talk on the phone.

walking back this evening, i was looking down the tree-lined street and feeling the cool humid air and thinking about how i live in texas now. i thought of how strange it was when i first moved here, and about how i'd left behind my life in utah. and now that i've been here for 20 months or so, it feels normal to be here. i don't know if it'll ever feel like home, but it's where i am now and i'm ok with that.

i thought about a lot of things, although what i'll talk about at my thesis meeting tomorrow wasn't one of those. but it probably should've been.

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Nana Layne said...

I thought this was leading to how you went in and started up a dialogue with the Lutheran pastor. I'm glad you are feeling more comfortable in in bloom where you are planted.