Friday, May 18, 2012

hawaiian shirt friday

listening to the blue danube waltz as i write, because it's awesome.
  • at my office, i attend meetings barefoot. by the end of the day, we had jane's addiction (my boss's request) and the pogues (my request) playing in the hall speakers.
  • i have an office. i think that, in itself, is pretty dang. i like even more that i have a name plate in front. it said "Jeff Gustafson," so i took it down and slapped up a piece of camera tape that read "goose *" today i was presented with plates that read "Goose" (which was awesome) and "Goose." (with a period, which i thought carried a more awesomer connotation.) there was a third option, too, but i can't remember what it was and opted to display the "Goose.", although i like that i can change them out depending on how i'm feeling.
  • we had an office party at my boss's house this evening. i'm generally not impressed by big houses or expensive things, but i'll say it again: susan has the coolest, most beautiful, and classiest house i have ever seen. and her food always looks like it comes from a five-star restaurant. she put me in charge of the music once again tonight.
  • my office likes the beastie boys.
  • near the end of the evening, we wound up talking about my new name plates. i said that my only adjustment to them would be to remove the capitalization. then, i pulled out my embroidered handkerchief and showed them the "proper" spelling of my name: -->jeff *
  • i also learned that there's a punctuation mark called an interrobang (wow; my spellcheck didn't even have an issue with that.) it looks like a question mark and an exclamation point had a baby. and that's pretty much what it means. i intend to use it as often as necessary. 
  • my boss's husband feeds raccoons nightly. 
  • what‽
  • as we were talking, they came around and he set some food out for them. i'd never seen raccoons that closely before, and i was surprised at how much they used their front paws to eat and walked around on their hind legs.
  • good times had by all. i'm not setting my alarm in the morning.

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LJ said...

GAH. I'm pretty sure you're working everyone's dream job. Or at least in everyone's dream environment.