Monday, January 16, 2012

my life in pictures

on my way home from the austin airport, i got a call to work on a commercial in moab this week. i still occasionally get calls for work and am always sad when i have to turn them down (got offered to pull focus on a sharon stone movie in november), but i agreed to do this one because the cinematographer is a guy i've actually heard of. in fact, he's won an academy award (for seabiscuit) and has shot huge films like the rock, armageddon, and transformers (say what you want about the directing quality of those but it's pretty dang impressive from a cinematography standpoint.)
sadly, they decided to go with someone from l.a. instead (and i later found out i wasn't the only one they dropped), which (even more sadly) means i have to go to school tomorrow instead of jetting off to go work on some big-a shoot.

so as my film career continues to fade (at least until i graduate, can't find a job, and start calling camera assistants around utah again), i wanted to look back at all of the people i had the chance to cross paths with while getting paid to do so.

found out he was in full metal jacket.
so, i'm two degrees from stanley kubrick. : D

that's daniel, not alec. although, i accidentally
called him alec once. he corrected me and was
(thankfully) very cool about it.

*he wasn't filming that day but did come to set.

this kid drove me nuts....

and i've home taught will ferrell's cousin.

just the mac on the right.

but one of my favorite connections is....

i've worked with this guy...

who worked with this guy...

who worked with her. <3


Becky said...

I recognize Audrey Hepburn :) (And maybe Sean Austin?) That means I like you for being my brother and not for all the cool people you know....

kwistin said...

yeah, that last connection is my favorite. :)

you're kind of a big deal.


Jack said...

I knew about most of these, but, wow, Charles Emerson Winchester III and Needlenose Ned--Ned the Head--Ryerson? You are awesome.

The Former 786 said...

1. Jealous!
2. Used to be awesome, still cool.
3. Impressive.
4. Meh.
5. I keep forgetting he's not Mormon.
6. Hello, Carl Weathers!
7. So many Baldwins, so little talent. ZING!
8. Wait, you met Daveigh Chase? Or Kelly Stables? Or a creepy little TV girl?
9. Gotta love Cogsworth.
10. Yeah. . .
11. Still, not bad.
12. Both? Or just one?
13. I can see why.
14. Both? Or just Jon?
15. I like him.
16. Humunah humunah!
17. Rudy! Mikey! Sam! 24 Guy!
18. LOVE the Boondock Saints
19. Did you punch him in the face?
20. She looks familiar. ..
21. I hear he doesn't shower and he smells. Is this true?
22 - 24. Worth it. Audrey Hepburn is truly beautiful.