Saturday, January 14, 2012


same same but different
and so my break draws to a close.

it was a good break. a great break, actually. and pretty much what i needed. had i been hanging around in one spot for the four-plus weeks, i likely would have gone batty. but i've been very fortunate to have been able to move around some. i went from texas to utah to minnesota and then back again, even finding time for a day in colorado in there.

what was interesting about this was that texas, utah, and minnesota represent significant eras of my life, and moving between them was like moving through those stages of my life. in moorhead my mom was happy to be making breakfast for her kids again, my brother and i still play the same card games we did fifteen years ago, and i went to a moorhead spuds high school hockey game one night. afterward, i took the long way out and walked through my old high school, seeing a flood of memories on the stairs and down the hallways. i couldn't remember where any of my lockers were, but i still knew where my sophomore year girlfriend's locker was.

i spent new year's down in minneapolis, enjoying all that a big city has to offer, from excellent local restaurants to the independent theaters. we tried to go clubbing one night but apparently everyone was waiting for new year's eve, as there was no one there on dec. 30. that was ok; the 80s room was apparently gone, anyway.
we considered going out again the next night if our new year's eve plans fizzled out, but that wasn't a problem. i celebrated 2012 pretty much the same way i did 1997: with my high school friends, drinking a ton of pop, and laughing til it hurt.

still the same
i stayed in minnesota longer than i planned, which, by simple logic, meant i had less time in utah. still, i managed to see (just about) everyone i wanted to see while i was there, doing pretty much all of my favorite things with all of the right people: movies, mario kart, himalayan food, photography, cafe rio, making mistakes, the ihop gang, righting my wrongs, talking movies with my old film professors. it worked out great.

and now, i'm somehow back in texas again. kindly, school starts on tuesday, offering the chance to ease back into life before the hurricane starts again.

listening to a lot of arcade fire and the laurie jayne mixes today.

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The Former 786 said...

Personally, I think that that is how every New Year's Eve should be spent! Glad you had a good time.