Saturday, January 07, 2012


today was a rough day. "unsettling" is perhaps the word i would use to describe my morning, and that uncomfortable feeling stayed with me throughout the day. even an afternoon of photography and dessert didn't change much. (although the warm dessert was silence-inducing amazing and the photography was looking good)

this evening i went to the broadway theater with emily. people asked us why we were drivng all the way to salt lake to see a movie we could see at any of the megaplex's from here to there. and that is (one reason of many) why i love emily: she gets it. she understands the love of cinema.

standing the broadway theater lobby, buying concessions and surrounded by posters for upcoming movies that were worth seeing, sharing it with a friend who mutually appreciated it: that was my happy place for the moment. tonight was what i needed.

as long as i'm venting, i would just like to say that the environment in which this following picture was taken irritated me deeply.

this picture is poorly framed because
 someone else has invaded our room...


that is all.
thank you.


The Former 786 said...

I've never been to the Broadway before. One day I plan on going. One day.

kwistin said...

no, i'm pretty sure you summed it up pretty well.



(or something like that)