Sunday, August 28, 2011

one for the razorbacks

i try to never reuse a title (or a picture) on here, and i almost had to do that earlier this spring, but fate dictated otherwise.  i kind of like this one and might regret using it as a throwaway tonight, but i like the feel of it, so it's there.

i've nothing much to say.  it's insanely hot here, i think i've really lucked out on my roommates ("won again at roommate roulette," as jaime might say), and i like that i can put my whites in our dryer and just go to bed, rather than having to wait for them to finish at the laundromat.

school starts tomorrow.  it's strange being "second years" now, and there are a whole slew of new first years (and they all look so young....)  i'm curious to see what it will be like balancing school with a job (i've got a post on that coming shortly) and i'm hoping i can continue to improve on being effective at using my time in the lab, so that i'm not always in there.

mostly, though, i guess i just like writing here because this is my space.  like a theatre director walking on his empty stage after everyone has gone home, i'm pacing around here with nothing particular to say, but am here simply because, as odd as it sounds, this is my little hill, where i can feel comfortable and free.  sheep go to heaven and this is my pasture.


Em said...

can't tell you how many times I've had that very feeling.

The Former 786 said...

What is that picture from?

Also, as a sidenote, each year I would hang out in the library for a bit each day at the beginning of the year, even if I wasn't working, just because that was my "familiar" territory.

kwistin said...

gosh, that's just kinda great.

and btw, when i hear "first" and "second years" ...all i can do is revert to harry potter.