Wednesday, August 04, 2010

standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand

my closet is partially empty, boxes are beginning to be filled, and yesterday was my first official final goodbye to a friend. august 20th is coming at a frantic pace.

to be honest, things aren't ending quite as i'd planned. movie night's numbers are very small (blessed be you who are still coming!), despite excitedly deciding to watch the movies after our discussion of the final chapters of the final book, the harry potter book club hasn't met in weeks and i think is pretty much over, and things in general just aren't going as i'd like. (i mean, i don't even teach sunday school anymore!)

for various reasons, i've been reading over a lot of my previous years' posts on sheep go to heaven. i came across one talking about "it came to pass", that good times and bad times come and go in our lives. and in my life. you can't freeze time and hold a moment forever. the ebb and flow of time courses on.

work has been phenomenal this summer. me and some friends explored southern utah, got one last trip to lagoon in, and i'm planning on going to the logan temple next week (probably my last big "to do in utah.") i've gone hiking, spent some great time with my sister and nephews, found an apartment and got my financial aid stuff all taken care of, learned a bit of photoshop and deepened a great friendship, and rock band is still just as good as ever (i'm really enjoying that mic after last night...)

two weeks left. a lot of packing to do. a few more movie nights and my birthday party of awesomeness. still plenty of good times ahead.
and even if the rest of my time here is a complete dud, it's been a good ten years, and one month can't take that away from me. : )

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Brooke said...

Ok, so this post was so down! Perhaps I just don't want to face the reality that in two weeks you won't be here anymore or something. Let me say this though, I know I can't capture this time & this place and keep it in a bottle, but the memories we have shared over the last couple years will always be near and dear to my heart in ways that can't be measured! You truly are a wonderful friend and I am so blessed to call you one of mine! And lastly...the HPBC will never die! Even though we may not meet anymore and there's a very good possibility we will never see the movies together in the same room, being a member of the HPBC will be forever tattooed to my heart, as I hope it will be on yours! CHEERS to my awesome friend Jeff and his upcoming grand adventure!! :D

Em said...

truth be told, change is hard. Good change is hard along with the sad change, and there's nothing that forces change like relocating.

But, in all His wisdom, God seems to think that change is necessary because it catalyzes all sorts of growth and development. You know, the stuff we're here on earth for.

Enjoy your Utah epilogue, and try to not think too hard about the "last" time you do anything. Minimize regrets, but don't be melodramatic about it.

I suspect the best is yet to come.

Jaime said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again, you've got a knack for writing.

Mark A. said...

I've never been blessed through a blog post before. thanks!!

The Former 786 said...

Jan lays down and wrestles in her sleep
Moonlight spills on comic books
And superstars in magazines
An old friend calls and tells us where to meet
Her plane takes off from Baltimore
And touches down on Bourbon street

kwistin said...

i like this post.

i especially like one specific line in there.