Monday, August 16, 2010

the 104 party

it's late and i've got another big day tomorrow, but i want to say a few things here tonight.

around 5:30 today i was looking at the clock and realizing that i hadn't decorated, didn't even know what i was going to do to entertain, and yet had a birthday party starting in thirty minutes.

the party could not have been better. i had an absolute blast. as i was thinking about it, while not a whole lot of my friends read my blog, i think that just about everyone who came tonight (and i was genuinely and delightedly surprised to see everyone who did show up!!) also reads this blog. and that's really cool. really.

the scort, we wish you could have been there.
i invited bret ("muscles") on facebook but he never responded. lame.
there's something to be said in that nearly all of us have not been regularly in each others' lives for 5-7 years, yet we still keep in touch and were all able to get together tonight and have an absolute blast. in fact, that says a dang lot.

marin, your cake would give my last year's wall-e cake a strong competition for best birthday cake ever, but they're in different categories. just the same, it was incredible. thank you.
chuckles, thank you for the apple beer. anyone who really understands the significance of apple beer probably was here tonight. without apple beer, it wouldn't be a 104 party.

there are at least four different stories behind the things written here.

i hope everyone will forgive and understand when i say that this was my favorite part of the night. this toast and all that was said and referenced and remembered completely sealed the night as awesome. for a myriad of reasons, thank you, ruby tuesday.

and tomorrow is the big party....


Signore said...


I do not believe we have met but I am fan of your interweb. I am glad you have the much fun at your party.

I am just poor Italian fife player, however I beg to say that this "muscoli" of who you speak sound like good, decent boy and you are too much the hard on him.

If you refer to, how they call, the "facebock" I guess you see that he respond at least one week ago, but feel so sad because he connot come. Probably he move into new apartment, or have new schoolyear, or preparing for big music show, or maybe all of these and some more. Also probably he live molto far away, no?



kwistin said...

you know what's cool? this: "there's something to be said in that nearly all of us have not been regularly in each others' lives for 5-7 years, yet we still keep in touch and were all able to get together tonight and have an absolute blast." --- you're right. i'm realizing there are a lot of people in the world who can't say that.

and what's cool is, now you get to help bring that to the people of texas. it's a new concept for some. you'll still keep your friends here (you'd better, or we're gonna come after you! can you imagine, say, rocio's wrath if you defriended her based on sparse communication or something as petty as distance?!) and you'll also make friends there that you can keep as well. so either way, it's a win. [except that there's not the chocolate in texas...] ;)

and each friend brings a different dynamic to your life. it's cool how that works.

i'm glad the party was a success.
i'm excited for tonight!

and tomorrow! :D


Jack said...

Signore Baci sounds a little bit like the European version of a thinking-woman's Ben Affleck.

The party was oh so dang. Happy Birthday, Manfriend. May all your dreams come true...except for the nightmares...or the really trippy dreams that are just too complex to even try to explain. I guess what I really mean is: keep being awesome, don't be lame, you're the manfriend, and that's cool like a mule.

Way to be 31.

thescort said...


Signore Baci seems like one sexy, sexy man.

Oh, uh, Aaron, you're mom called.

I put the M in SAMM said...

Signore Baci seems...bona fide. ;)

In retrospect, I think my sidewalk message should have said: "You are a sucky, sucky man" ... but then again, that sounds a bit weird. I'll stick with what I wrote.

Wow, I feel so honored to have a shout-out on your blog. I was surprised and touched. I'm not sure I'm a devoted enough reader to deserve it, but it is very much appreciated. And as I said in response to your previous abundance of thank yous: it truly was my pleasure.

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of a seriously dang evening. The toast was a highlight for me as well (maybe for different reasons than for you), and all the memory-sharing.

Hope things are getting off to a good start in Texas, and everyone there is learning to make fun of you as I would. :)

The Former 786 said...

Good times, my friend. Good times.

Sariah said...

That was the best night I had had in a very long time. I'm glad you're still the same. Don't ever change. Thank you :)