Monday, January 25, 2010

sunday, sundance

editor's note: at sheep go to heaven , we do our best to keep our posts to one a day, both as to not overwhelm our readers and to keep our writers from posting copious amounts of pointlessness. in light of our head writer being quite busy at the sundance film festival in utah (we suspect he's sitting around more than he admits), we have posted two today in order to avoid a backlog. please enjoy.
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the editor.

i'm not a fan of working on sundays, but sometimes it happens. my first run was pushed back, so i had time to study my scriptures before i left and kept xm on the classical station.
in the hotel room, a girl walks in and says that her sister made out with bill murray last night. he told her she had "a pretty mouth." and the day started.
  • we're told to keep our cars clean and are given an envelope of petty cash. personally, washing a white car in a busy, slushy town seems like an odd idea, but the money's there. the catch is that the money is a $10 and a $20, and the machines don't give change. i'll wash tomorrow.
  • my first ride was a guy named davis guggenheim. i asked him if this was his first time at sundance and he said he'd had a couple other movies here. i asked him what he'd directed. "i did a movie called 'an inconvenient truth'," he said. my mind skipped a moment and i realized that i did recognize him from the oscars a few years ago. we were going to ogden and he was good company, despite us running short on time due to scheduling and me not driving a hybrid (joel). it was a toyota, which was something, i suppose.
  • hanging out in the hotel room, a dude walks in and asks if anyone has a usb car charger. i have a usb car charger but i waited for a second, as loaning things out to dudes who randomly walk in and ask to borrow stuff can lead to said stuff not coming back. but i took the chance and offered the charger i had in my car. in the hall, i decided to be friendly and asked his name. "will roberts," he said. i stopped. there was a will roberts in my ward 20 years ago. not that it's an uncommon name, but he looked like he could be. and he was. and we exchanged holy-cow-i-haven't-seen-you-in-yearses. who knew? i didn't ask for collateral, but now i had his reputation should i not get my charger back. as of this writing, he's driven jessica alba and samuel l. jackson. and he gave me my charger back.
  • matt walked in and said that crispin glover just passed him in the hall. i had no idea. celebs of all kinds here, folks. i hear he has a lot of connections in hollywood.
  • until yesterday, i didn't even know that the vikings were in the playoffs or whatever were today. but the game was on in the hotel room and my image of the vikings is still what i knew of them in grade school, that they're a joke. i have no idea what they've been up in twenty years, but apparently they're good now. so i was getting into the game until there was two minutes left and i had run to the airport. in the park-n-wait, i realized that this was probably the first time i had ever searched out a football game on the radio on my own volition.
  • leaving the airport, the ladies we had picked up said they saw something about a sundance issue on the news. i explained that there was a movie on prop 8 in the festival and the news was covering it. on the way back to park city, i learned that they were a couple with a son. i was glad they didn't press the issue.
  • got home at 12:43 with an 8:30 pickup tomorrow: six hours of sleep and the blog will have to wait another day.

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The Former 786 said...

I'm a little confused as to the setup of this all - the logistics of it all, you know? I've never been to Sundance.

Are you staying up there in a hotel? Or do you get to go home each night? Are there screenings all over Utah? Is that why you have to drive all the way to Ogden?

How many drivers are there? And what kind of celebrity do you have to be to get a driver? Do you have a central hub that you all meet at? And how do you decide who drives who?

I just need some clarification.