Sunday, January 03, 2010

the happiest man in the church

before my mission, i taught the old testament stories to the 11-12 year olds. it was a blast.
in the mtc, my teacher mentioned how he was a taking an old testament course at byu. that just seemed cool. my sister and i took such a class together at byu. we learned about the value of charts and that everybody died.

in 2002 at centennial, i thought it would be really cool to teach the old testament. in 2007, i was called to teach sunday school. we were studying the new testament at that time. i thought there would be no way i would be in that calling long enough to cycle through all of the standard works.
two years later, we were nearing the end of the doctrine and covenants when the ward boundaries were changed and i was released. so close...

two weeks into my new ward and i was called to teach sunday school.
and today, i taught my first lesson of the old testament.
i consider myself the luckiest man in the church.


kwistin said...

i'm so glad you're a sunday school teacher again. especially teaching old testament. it just...fits.


new ward boundaries again?

Jack said...

I'll blow my shofar for that! hooray for the Old Testament. I agree, you are lucky.

Jaime said...

you KILL Me. ha ha ha

The Former 786 said...

I love being a Sunday School teacher. Too bad I only got to do in in college.

I'm glad you're enjoying it, Jeff.

The Former 786 said...


That was odd. While trolling about the internet I found a comment from "Anonymous" on another blog that was word-for-word the same as this one!

Look at the first comment here:

--jeff * said...

that's it, anonymous, you're gone.