Friday, January 29, 2010

breath of air

i think today is friday. i've slowed on taking notes over the past few days.
  • wednesday morning my first ride is a group down to the sundance resort. they're six guys from denmark, two of whom are comedians of korean-decent. i introduce myself and say that if they have any questions, just ask. the comedian in front asks me what is the meaning of life. i tell him, "to be happy. next question." "are you happy?" he ask. i say yes.
  • their movie is called red chapel, where the two comedians pose as a "famous" danish comedy team (i don't think they had met before the film) and try to tour north korea. on the way down, he says they wanted to show the problems of the country through comedy. after seeing the film, they weren't as witty and sarcastic as michael moore or as audacious and brash a borat. the film was interesting to see what life was like in north korea (most controlled and austere than i'd thought), but overall wasn't anything notable.
  • driving back, i discover i'm out of washer fluid. that doesn't sound like a big deal, but for thirty miles on wet and dirty highway roads, it makes a difference.
  • after seeing countless commercials for domino's's new pizzas, we order some. i like it.
  • 10:04 p.m. i've been waiting outside the broadway. i've been here for an hour and am hoping they don't show so i can go home through salt lake instead of stopping through park city first. "standing outside a broken phonebooth (with money in my hand)" comes on the radio. i love this song and realize that it used to be on my itunes but isn't for some reason anymore. i buy it when i get home. along with "surrender" by cheap trick, "here i go again" by whitesnake, and a couple of other songs i can't remember because it was after midnight.
  • we had to all be at the hotel room at 7: 30 thursday morning. i'm not entirely sure why. but there were donuts. i post that on facebook and get more comments on that in an hour than my post about me driving some oscar-winning director.
  • in the evening, i was scheduled for an ogden run (my fourth) but another driver asks to switch and gives me a run to sundance. they're a pair of doc guys who seem cool but are busy. the odd thing is that they want to be there a few hours before their showing, meaning that i've got four hours to wait. sweetness. i check the i.c. schedule but, tragically, red, the third part of the "three colors trilogy" isn't showing until 10. but i get a good scripture study in (it feels so good after a week of craziness), make a warm, balanced dinner, do some laundry, get sam hooked on 24, and watch last week's office. it's so nice to have time to live a normal life for a moment.

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The Former 786 said...

I really liked your answer to the meaning of life thing. Well played, Jeff.

And while I love that Primitive Radio Gods song, that's the second time you've posted about Whitesnakes "Here I Go Again." I think you've got a thing for Tawny Kitaen.