Friday, July 31, 2009

right here, right now

at church last week, a speaker mentioned how we spend so much time texting. we all know i'm a texter, being grateful for the "unlimited texts" option on my monthly plan. the speaker noted how often we are consumed in texting a friend in another place that we ignore those friends we're with at the moment.

i thought about that. i've made light efforts to curb my rabid texting around others, but something about that chimed with me, and i decided to be much more conscious about giving my time and attention to those i'm with. plus, it's just polite.


kwistin said...

i'm glad that you document little insights and decisions like this. way to self-evaluate. it's something we can all learn (or at least i can).

i think i'm going to go listen to fatboy slim now.

Jaime said...

agreed. although, i'm an avid texter as well, i do think it's impolite when you're with someone and they spend most of their time doing that instead of talking to you. i've always thought it rude to be with someone and have them talk on the phone for a long time while you're just waiting... now it's just moved to texting. :) i need to be better at it too.

Tami said...

Hey Jeff, thanks for the birthday note. I get an e-mail now when someone writes a comment since I haven't posted lately, I favor facebook over blogging, my e-mail is my and I don't know many people who are not guilty of over texting, I actually change my texting notification to silent when I shouldn't be texting to stop temptation- now if the light would stay off, but my blackberry flashes even when the buzzer/ringer is off:)

Nana Layne said...


The Former 786 said...

I would comment, but I'm texting right now.

BRB! lol