Friday, July 03, 2009

kimmy and the goblet of fire

i always liked kimmy (her name has not been changed, because she's so darn cool about the following story). she was hip and cute, dressed cool and had a great sense of humor, liked good music and was fun to be with. we made a bet at the ward sledding activity and she ended up introducing me to wait until dark (i forget what the bet was or which of us won). she went with me to the radiohead concert. and i invited her to be my date to see harry potter and the goblet of fire.

as has become tradition, we had tickets to the midnight showing at the scera theater; the combination of big-a screen and overly enthusiastic fans makes it the best place to see the premieres. kimmy and i and our group all went out to eat at ihop that evening before the show started, which was the style at the time. i probably got the colorado omelet. i don't remember what kimmy got, but there's a good chance she does.

we were at the scera a few hours early, with enough time to get a decent spot in the fanatic line. kimmy noted that she wasn't feeling very good, so she and i took it easy seated by a wall. by the time we got into the theater, the best available seats were the rows near the back (we said hi to jaime and her boy, who were at the very back). being this close to the exit proved to be advantageous. during the previews, kimmy wasn't feeling any better, and as it got worse, we sent jack (or becky?) running to the concession stand for an empty popcorn bucket.
sadly, it came a little too late, as i looked over at my date and she was doubled over, holding her open purse to her mouth.

i walked with her to the ladies restroom and waited outside the door, unsure of what i could do in a situation like this. when she emerged, she seemed to be feeling better. i asked about her purse.
"jeff, i threw that purse away...." she said faintly.

we went back in and watched a bit of the movie, but she had already called her roommate to pick her up, as she was still weak. i felt bad about staying while her roommate came to get her, but she told me to stay, and i obliged, knowing she'd feel worse if i also missed the movie (even voluntarily) because of her.
the movie was good.

when i went to a party at her apartment a few months later, as soon as i walked in, she shouted across the room, "hey jeff- remember that time i got sick and threw up in my purse at harry potter??"
just one of the reasons why kimmy is awesome.

i bought my tickets for harry potter 6 this morning; the 12:01 a.m. showing at the scera. maybe we'll go to ihop.


Marvia said...

That is an awesome story! I'm glad you shared. :)

Marvia said...

Oh... and I don't have your email. So you are currently not allowed into my blog. :(

Kim B. said...

oh man... something I nor YOU will ever forget. That purse was really cute too.
Sorry about the food poisoning. Hopefully the date you take to this movie, wont stink as bad as I did. :)

Jaime said...

what an awesome date. (meaning, the person.) i'm glad she could laugh about it. it takes a great person to do that.

Em said...

Now Jeff, you know you owe her a purse, right?

The Former 786 said...

How have I never heard this story before?

And I, too, vomit at the mere sight of Robert Pattinson, so I understand Kimmy's pain.

~Bekahjo said...

I remember waiting in line for forever, sitting on the floor in the winding line. I'd forgotten about your date getting sick though...Sad day, but awesome story =]

P.S. You are officially invited to Logan whenever it pleases you to come. As is you're amazing sister. And Company.

Leith said...

I think every good friendship needs a great story like this. One that will be laughed about years and years later. A story regardless of how disgusting it was at the time, makes the friendship stronger. Jeff, I would puke in my purse if it would strengthen our friendship too.