Tuesday, July 21, 2009

one small step for ghost armadillos...

...one giant leap for me!

this is the final shot of our movie, my first shot i've lit.

after this, the (forthcoming at some point) "teapot" post may seem rather underwhelming, but i'm pretty excited about this and wanted to show it off.

it was only thursday that i wandered into the weekly dailies meeting and said that i'd like to help with the lighting, and now i'm, well, i'm bonified.
and digging it.
seriously digging it.


kwistin said...

aaaaggghhhhh!!! awesome!!!

this sounds like something you'd say (or have said), but,

i dig. i seriously dig.

kwistin said...

ps. we're at the top of both blog lists!

(sorry for the double comment)

Jack said...

seriously dang!

Leith said...

It brought a little "ahhhh, so pretty", to my lips.