Sunday, April 19, 2009

weakend update

as best as i can tell, somewhere around wednesday my chi went defunct.  i don't know whether i'm powered by cold fusion or a hamster or a wheel, but whatever's inside of me slowed down to a 2 and i stopped burning on my own.
i like blogging, but after not taking the time to write about the ducks i saw on tuesday morning, i felt little force behind anything to write.  life has continued on at 24 hours per day, i just haven't had the exuberance that i'm used to.
it's sunday, the start of a new week.  perhaps something will happen that will jump start me, or maybe the tide will simply come in again.
come what may and love it.


~Bekahjo said...

Don't worry, for some reason today didn't feel like Sunday to me at all, despite all my attempts. Even while I was sitting in church, it felt like Saturday or a weird Thursday or something. Sometimes the pot of gold is just on a day you weren't really expecting it to be on. =] Hope yours is tomorrow!

Jaime said...

why are you sad jeffy?