Thursday, April 23, 2009

see my vest

a year or two ago, express decided vests should be in fashion again.  maybe they've been around for a while, but the first time i saw them was on a mannequin at express.  and i thought they were awesome.  perhaps it reminds me of buster keaton in some way; i don't know, but i'm a fan of them.  however, the blasted things retail for $87.99, which is way too much for pay for a vest; you don't even get sleeves.
unlike stores that pander to kids with parents' credit cards and so rarely offer sales and clearances, express knows its target market generally pays its own bills and, as such, needs to shop economically.  i don't have to have the newest latest fashions and don't mind waiting for a little season for clothes (although, the day the seventh seal is released on blu-ray, it will be mine) after a few months, the vests move racks and the price tags are slashed with red once or twice.  coupled with a $20 off card from the mail, and, suddenly, i too can look like a plucky 1920's character.
(the new summer vests look pretty great, too)

i really like my vest!

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Em said...

I heart/lurve vests too. Too bad Renn is not feeling terribly open-minded about them.