Tuesday, April 21, 2009

seven seconds per frame

a few weeks ago i posted my demo reel.  i thought i was pretty much done.  but, bit by bit, i found new ways i could make it better: adding another menu page with more examples; why not make those examples in HD?  maybe i can polish up that menu style?  hmm, if i can make those shots in HD, maybe i can redo the demo reel in HD....
my computer (my blessed, circa-2003 G4 computer) has been compressing my 2 min. 55 second reel all morning and is scheduled to be finishing up about the time movie night wraps this evening (compressing it in standard def took about two hours, but i had to have the h.264 compression).  
on the other hand, it takes pixar six hours or more for one frame.

all in all, i'll be really sad when this is over.  it's been a lot of fun plowing through this, learning how to use the program, realizing what it can do, wondering if i can do something more, and the whole process starting over again.

who knows what the future will bring?

(i just had deja vu as i was thinking of what to title this; sadly, i can't remember what i thought i'd titled it...)

1 comment:

kwistin said...

reminds me of the quote,

"a work of art is never finished, merely abandoned [at an interesting point]."

...or until a deadline arises. :]

glad it was a happy project for you!